Mac install gstreamer plugins by Homebrew

Gstreamer 有許多的 plugins , 但如果直接在 home brew 中安裝,會遇到很多 pipeline 缺少的問題

以下這幾個指令可以簡單的安裝 gstreamer 的 good, base, bad, ugly plugin
( 透過 brew install 簡單安裝 )

Good :

brew install gst-plugins-good `brew options gst-plugins-good | grep 'with-'`

Base :

brew install gst-plugins-base `brew options gst-plugins-base | grep 'with-'`

Bad :

brew install gst-plugins-bad `brew options gst-plugins-bad | grep 'with-'`

Ugly :

brew install gst-plugins-ugly `brew options gst-plugins-ugly | grep 'with-'`


其原理是使用 brew options 來找出 gst-plugins 的參數,再用 grep
最後再給 brew install 使用



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